Guitarists : Realizing The Essence Of Reading.

Many times we find that creativity is being mistaken for knowledge.
That you as an individual can do a particular thing, doesn't make you an expert in that field.

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Guitarists : Realizing The Essence Of Reading.

Many times we find that creativity is being mistaken for knowledge.
That you as an individual can do a particular thing, doesn't make you an expert in that field....Read More

What Are The Right Books?

Just as they are called, the 'right books' are indeed the 'right books' that should be found in every Guitarists' library. ...Read More

Guitarists : Realizing The Essence Of Reading.

Thus it pays to realize that regardless of how good you are in that field, you cannot boast of being a professional if you have no qualification to back up such claims.

As a Guitarist, do you know that your dexterity with the strings would not make you a professional? Do you also know that life has moved past 'I can play Guitar' to a place where what really matters is how much facts you know about the guitar?

In lieu of lip service, the future of a Guitarist now depends on just how Guitar educated you are. If you ever thought you could ride on the skills you acquired outside the pages of a book, visit your competition and think again. If you want to build a profession in Guitar playing, then the ultimate advise would be to head straight for the books. There is always a limit to what a good ear can do and just where that stops, the relevance of Guitar books and all the non practicable aspects save the day.

Reading this, you may definitely start to think that it is as easy as just walking into a bookstore and just purchasing any book on guitars, but it isn't. As easy as it may seem, all it takes is one wrong book and you could be left to be as confused as a Guitar novice. Funny as it may sound, not reading the right books can easily throw off even the best of Guitarists.

This just goes to tell us more frankly than ever that getting Guitar knowledge and education must be a 'thought through' and thorough process. This simply means that getting and reading the right books is key. Which then brings me to ask the question :

What Are The Right Books?

Don't be deceived, just like guitars, not all Guitar books are relevant to a Guitarist and so it would pay you 100% to choose/ select your books wisely. Using myself as a typical example, there was a time in my life I realized I needed more if I wanted to be a reputable Guitarist. I reached this point and immediately I went in search for solace within the pages of different books.

Experience they say is the best teacher. After stumbling on books that completely threw me off, I would just say that eventually I found a few that gave me just what I needed.

During my course of study, I was amazed to find out that there were different types of theories and all these theories had a role to play. But before we get into some of these theories, you might want to ask; What Are Guitar Theories?

Guitar theories are basically terminologies which every Guitarist must know. They are actually like road maps that help the Guitarist find his way around the guitar with the aim of making great music.

These theories have different classifications as various authors have categorized them to their own understanding. Some did their classification based on chords, scales and notes. There are also some who stuck to genre classification like Jazz, Classical, Rock/Blues.

From experience surfing the net for these Guitar theories can be as confusing as actually picking the wrong guitar book at the library. So my advice in finding the right books or source, you need to know where you want to build your focus on.

Sourcing and studying books whose authors have classified Guitar theories based on notes, chords and scales would be a great way to start as these authors have gone back to the basics. They have designed their Guitar theories to cover all the foundational intrigues. The ones who chose to go by genre of music made, fall into the category of authors who want to use historical elements as a way of educating Guitarists.

But then, what matters is finding a balance. In a much as it is important to know the foundation, it is also important to know just the right amount of history. But then you as a modern day Guitarist, would agree that what applied over 300 years ago, would most likely not be applicable today and so solely because I am more of a modern day Guitarist, I would suggest the following modern books:

  • "The Guitar Handbook" By Ralph Denyer: This is one book that is great for beginners as it hammers on the basics.
  • "Complete Edition" By Hal Leonard: This book touches on everything. Taking you through the basics as a beginner and beyond as a Professional.
  • "Music Theory Fir Guitarists" Tom Kolb - This a must read as the author painstakingly explained every complex angle there is to Guitar theories, making it ine of the most readable books on the issue of theories.

Remember the key word is 'Knowing What You Want' and the search becomes easier the moment you decide on what you want.

As a confused Guitarist in search of the right theory books, I stumbled on the above suggestions. But then you do not have to read the books I read. As long as you know what you want, you may decide to go a different way from me book-wise.

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